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July 22, 2009
USGA Sanctions Windage for Players Suffering From Arthritis, Back Pain or Disc Related Medical Conditions
Dec. 21, 2007
As far as pros go, golf aid's gone with the wind
Star Tribune
Aug. 18, 2007 New Golf Device Not Blowing Smoke
WCCO (text and video)
June 24, 2007
Another Golf Gadget!
Showdown at Somerby, KTTC
Aug. 14, 2007
See us on the Golf Channel’s Fore Inventors Only
Nov. 29, 2006
Windage Works!
Golf America Golf News
Nov. 24, 2006
Windage Announces Market Release of Wind Monitor
for Improving Golf Performance
Oct. 4, 2006
Golf’s Ultimate Wind Gauge
Golf America Golf News
Sept. 19, 2006
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Announcing Windage
Golf America Golf News